This year has brought many challenges for every type of organization. As you try to focus on productivity and a strong output in this 'new normal', you are likely considering operational adjustments to help combat the challenge the global pandemic has served you. While managing a remote workforce is new to many, it's actually something Newfire Global Partners has excelled at for years.

Since our inception and well before the pandemic, Newfire Global Partners has been working with innovative companies like yours to create meaningful impact and compelling experiences that deliver the best outcomes.
How do we do this?
What We Offer
Advisory Services
We help you focus on innovation by connecting the dots between technology, operations, and unlocking value.
Assessments & Due Diligence
Change is hard. Often, an experienced, outside perspective can really help. We partner with CEOs, senior leadership, and boards to validate that the organization's activities are aligned with driving results and achieving stated goals. Our approach is fact-based, transparent, and balanced. The results are actionable.
Strategic Marketing
We believe sustainable companies can navigate uncertainty and opportunity by truly understanding their market to adopt solutions built for their target audience. That's why we combine deep experience with an agile mindset, unlocking our partners' fullest digital potential. We have extensive expertise helping CEOs, CTOs, and CIOs implement and integrate effective digital change within their operations. We're here to help you do the same.
Interim Operating Roles
Our team includes seniors operators and industry veterans who understand what it takes to bring innovation to the marketplace. In our careers, we've met the demands of venture capitalists, built high-functioning teams, and successfully launched new products. We can support your organization in interim operating roles, faithfully reporting to CEOs, senior leadership, and boards.
Talent Augmentation Opportunities
The Newfire difference is our people. We know that great teams require great individuals, so only the best and brightest meet our standards.
Blended Teams
Our team members work side-by-side with your existing developers, increasing overall engineering output (velocity) and shortening time to market.
Dedicated Teams
Self-sufficient scrum teams that may have software developers, QA engineers, UI/UX designers, dedicated DevOps, and business analysts often generate maximum value for our customers and help avoid bottlenecks.
Specialty Practices
Innovation often requires specialized talent – e.g., technical product management, data engineering, data science, developer operations (DevOps), security operations (SecOps), and others.
Optimized by AI
We've developed innovative machine learning technologies to review and enhance our team's work. We call it Novel Heat.
Software is typically built by teams located all over the world. With technology becoming more and more complicated, reviewing underlying source code has become much more difficult. Static code analyzers – the traditional tool for reviews – can't tackle all the things that can go wrong like anti-patterns and malicious defects.
We're working on an innovative Artificial Intelligence tool, Novel Heat, that can go beyond the capabilities of static code analyzers by understanding underlying code behavior and structure. Line by line, it continues to learn and improve with each iteration. Better yet, Novel Heat takes what it's learned to alert team members when something's slowing the process and helps them to correct code issues and adjust moving forward.
You're in Good Company
'The world is changing every hour, and so does BuoyHealth. Newfire Global Partners is a partner who could really understand our product and become part of our team – not one that feels like an isolated offshore team. And it was the best engagement of my career.'
Greg Joondeph-Breidbart
Senior VP of Engineering
Buoy Health
'We have felt completely supported by Newfire during all aspects of our relationship - from the initial onboarding to our talent acquisition and ongoing retention. Their transparent communications and fine-tuned operations have allowed us to gain highly-skilled engineers and testers, and ultimately high-quality output for our customers.'
Rohit Begani
Chief Technology Officer
'Unlike other firms, Newfire Global Partners takes time to understand project goals and doesn't try to sell unnecessary services. They're honest and organized, meeting both short- and long-term goals. The platform has received positive feedback and is much more user-friendly than the old one.'
Bill Olsen
Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer
How We Can Work Together
Drive a Transformation
Our industry experts can help you drive change and guide the organization through process enhancements and adoption of new technologies to ensure you're staying competitive in your market.
Build from Scratch
Remove risk from your de novo start by eliminating "on the job training" and leveraging experienced solution architects who have a track-record of success.
Get Things Done
Great teams require great individuals. If you need to shorten your time to market or expand your operational output, our intensely-vetted engineers and product experts are ready to dive in.
Global locations
Continents in which we operate
Portion of technical staff with advanced degrees
Newfire by the Numbers
Team members
Let's Talk
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