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The State of Global Tech Talent:
2022 & Beyond

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The State of Global Tech Talent: 2022 and Beyond

The spark of digitalization in recent years, along with the global health crisis, have significantly impacted the job market, leading to a global tech talent shortage.

In our newest whitepaper, “The State of Global Tech Talent: 2022 and Beyond,”, we’ve turned dozens of data points into a consolidated report addressing the type of talent structure needed to drive innovation in a talent-centric landscape.

Download now to gain expert insights and tips for organizations striving to lead in this tight talent market.

Who Should Read This Whitepaper?

This report provides expert information on bridging the tech talent gap and is geared towards CEOs & Founders, CIOs, CTOs, and VPs/Heads of Products, as well as any staff involved in the hiring process for top-notch engineers.

What’s Covered?

A global Perspective

Data-based facts highlighting the most significant issues pertaining to the global tech talent shortage.


The Key Challenges

Our building insights on the challenges we anticipate as organizations work towards building top-notch tech teams in 2022 and beyond.

Pro Tips

Our professional recommendations on achieving a much-needed competitive edge in the battle for best tech talent.

What Are the Key Takeaways?

An inventory of the most in-demand tech roles, candidates' most anticipated benefits and perks, and current salary trends

Advice on addressing some of the biggest organizational challenges like capacity, retention, and digitization

Guidance for pinpointing both a talent structure and a prospective technology partner that best suit individual business needs

High-level insights to help bridge the talent gap for the long haul

Newfire At a Glance

Newfire Global Partners are technology partnership experts. We’re innovators with a global reach, a proven tech record, and a vetted talent pool of top-notch engineers from around the world.

We help our clients access the expertise and flexible talent structures required to realize their development goals.


+ Software engineering

+ Marketing

+ Data & Analytics

+ Product Management

+ AI & ML

+ Technical Advisory

What Makes Us Different?

Domain Leadership

Expertise that accelerates

Our experts can help determine which mainstream and emerging technologies will deliver the best ROI for your business and then seamlessly integrate them within your IT ecosystem.

Fractional advisory roles

Fact-based, transparent and balanced approach

Change is hard. Sometimes an experienced, external perspective can help. We partner with CEOs, senior executive teams, and boards to validate that an organization’s activities are aligned with driving results and achieving their goals. Our approach is fact-based, transparent, and balanced. The results are actionable.


Get work done

With Newfire as your technology partner, you won’t need to worry about hiring and managing top-notch teams. Get your product to market twice as fast, improve your operational efficiency, and flex your business model with our global talent pool.

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+ continents

+ Countries

+ Offices

The State of Global Tech Talent: 2022 and Beyond